Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Cheese Box of...

 Since this summer, and the Women's Art Institute at St. Kate's,  I have been working with shell/vulva/pod forms in all sorts of media: 
   embroidery by hand and by machine

In fact, this is the form I have committed to exploring for a year. It will be interesting to see where it takes me.

This particular piece,  A CHEESEBOX OF VULVAS,  will be showing in Detroit, MI December 4- January 23, 2016  at Whitdel Arts in the show titled CROTCH: Contested Territory.  How could I NOT apply to this call?

The units are about 7" tall, muslin and sometimes calico prints, high loft batting sandwiched between the layers, embroidered on my Babylock machine with designs that I drew, cut-up and reassembled, scanned, re-drew and then digitized into these designs.  There are 50 units in this iteration.  I find it funny to see them peeking out of this old cheese box!  They are like a garden.  I can also see them proliferate and hang about a space, dangling in mid-air, jittering around as the brezzes pass through.


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