Friday, February 25, 2011

More small works in process

Squeezed in this afternoon, before the party begins in the gallery.
Kim Madonna I think.
On the Kathleen Baroque piece I am still trying to figure out how much runching : just a piece or a whole frame?


Gerri in St Paul said...

Just a piece, unless you want all that a full ruffle will say-just MHO!

Hmm, I was wondering why I was commenting and then my verification word is "waste".

Oh well!

Susan Hensel said...

Thanks, Gerri- I was leaning toward JUST a PIECE as well. Went out and got some quilt batting today, so work can proceed, between READER'S ART bursts of crazy activity!

Anonymous said...

I think just a piece, although I know how much you like ruffles.