Thursday, July 8, 2010

Transgressive wool

In the art world, one talks about transgression. Transgression can be loosely defined as breaking expected boundaries or expectations. Yarn is expected to be soft, warm, useful, at times even life saving. It is often associated with leisure, craft and women's work. Rarely is it thought of as an object, a material or a subject of fine art. So, as I progress on this project, I have to consider how this potential body of work transgresses expectations.
This yarn is transgressive because:
• It is not made for the express purpose of knitting or looping in someway into a useful object.
• Its purpose to to be a sculptural object or a field for narrative/political photography.
• It paradoxically uses its traditional softness to express a hard/harsh/violent reality
• It uses its allusions to its life saving properties( warmth, padding, protecting) as a field of discussion about war and death
• It uses a "women's art" to discuss a "man's pursuit."

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