Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shall we begin again?

I have to ask myself, "When will I begin again?" Certainly I will begin again by Thursday! It has been a long, grinding haul since I came back from Ragdale Foundation. Reader's Art, in the Susan Hensel Gallery right now, is my favorite show of the year. It is dear to my heart. I love showing the world the bookish side of the arts. But it is the hardest show to pull together, taking hours upon hours of administrative time...lots of databasing, writing of publicity, emailing, photographing, painting of walls, catalog design and printing, arguments with shipping agencies and installation design. But, it is here, it is up ( more than 80 tiny books) and it is beautiful. So, NOW, I can reconsider the work of being an artist! I went to hear a talk by Betsy Dollar this morning at Susan St. John's Private Art in St. Paul. I showed her Wedding Party in my gallery last summer ( You can find it in the gallery archives) The show she was talking about today was a group of photo collages using her torso embedded in photos of the natural world, reminiscent of Ana Mendieta. Beautiful stuff that reminded me of work I have left to do. SOOOOOO....STAY TUNED!

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